Entry Level / New Graduates

What we value

Job applications are available for entry level/new graduate positions in game development.
For first-timers in the video game industry, a full grasp of the skills and knowledge needed can be daunting.
However, with technology and ideas constantly evolving, what was common sense in the industry even three years ago may not be applicable today.
With the industry continuously at a fresh start, if you feel that you fit the following values then let's grow and take on every new challenge that lies ahead together.

Passion and ambition
These are the most important qualities to have in game development.
Healthy attitude
Bringing games to life calls for a positive mind and a body full of spirit.

Job Categories

Game Designer
Includes planning, creating design documents, and providing direction for game development.
Game Programmer
Game development using C++ or C# programming languages.
We mainly utilize Unreal Engine 4.
3DCG Artist
Includes creating 3D models of characters and environments.
2DCG Artist
Includes concept art and character design.
UI/UX Designer
User interface design.
Breathing life into 3D models.

Additional materials

In addition to the application, please send the following additional materials for your respective category

Game Designer
Game design documents, videos of games you were involved in
Game Programmer
Sample source code, videos of games you were involved in
Art portfolio

Recruitment information

Job status
Full-time Employee
From JPY 220,000
Work hours
10:00 - 19:00 (1-hour break included)
Trial period
3 months
Commuting compensation
Social Security Insurance
Yearly health checkup
Salary raise system
Celebratory/Bereavement compensation system
Casual dress code
Days off
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
National holidays
Summer/Year-end breaks
Celebratory/Bereavement leave
Maternity leave
Paid vacation
Ichiboshi Shibakoen Bldg. 7F, 2-29-14 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan
Google Map
Application Process
1. Application evaluation
2. First interview (w/ project team members)
3. Second interview (w/ CEO, other executives)
* Please allow one week for the application evaluation. Interviews take approximately one hour and are conducted individually.
Necessary documents
Cover Letter/CV/Work History
Other qualifying documents
Ex) Portfolio, video of a self-made game, self-made game design document, written self-introduction, etc.